Nom Calvin Cambridge-Reynolds
Métier Middle school student / Retired NBA Player

Tracy Reynolds - Adoptive father

Murph - Adoptive brother

Actor Lil Bow Wow

Calvin Cambridge-Reynolds is the main protagnist in Like Mike. He was potrayed by Lil' Bow Wow.


Calvin was a 13 year old orphan, who is bullied by the orphanage bully, Ox as well, as his best friend, now adoptive brother, Murph. Calvin obtains a pair of old Nike Blazers sneakers from a Salvation Army thrift store which used to belong to Michael Jordan, but Ox threw them over a overhead power line, until Calvin, Murph, and Reg go to get them in the middle of a rainstorm, as Calvin receives them, but the shoes are struck by a lightning bolt. At the Knights game, Calvin gets randomly picked to go one-on-one with Tracy Reynolds. The shoes give Calvin superstar caliber talent and wins the contest with a dunk and Calvin is signed to a one-day contract with the Knights. Tracy becomes his mentor as Calvin is a minor. Calvin becomes a mega superstar and starts a friendship with Tracy. The orphanage head begins to steal Calvin's money and steals Calvin's shoes. Ox helps Calvin retrieve his shoes and Calvin makes it to the game, but the shoes are damaged and no longer work. Calvin passes the ball to Tracy, which wins the game and earns the Knights their first playoff berth. Calvin retires from basketball. Tracy adopts Calvin and Murph.