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Tracy Reynolds is the reluctant mentor turned adoptive father of Calvin Cambridge and Murph. He is an NBA player who was assigned to look after Calvin when he was in the NBA. Originally, Tracy dismissed Calvin as just an annoying fan, but over time the two became good friends and Calvin began to look at Tracy as a father figure. Tracy decided that he wanted to adopt Calvin, but was disheartened when he found out another family wanted him. Calvin later decides against going with the other family, giving Tracy the opportunity to adopt him. Not wanting to leave Murphy behind, Calvin convinces Tracy to adopt him too.

Tracy was estranged from his own father (lying to Calvin by saying that his father was dead) until his Calvin intervened by bringing the father to Tracy's house. An angry Tracy demands that Calvin get rid of him, causing a brief rift between himself and Calvin. He later realizes that Calvin was right and reconciles with his dad.

Job NBA Player

Calvin Cambridge - Adoptive son

Murph - Adoptive son

Actor Morris Chestnut